Potential Zoning Changes

A zone change is a process of changing the current zone district to a different zone district. A property owner may choose to change the zoning to use their property differently from what the existing zoning allows. This could be zone changes from residential to commercial, changing from single-family to multi-family housing, or other changes. As zoning changes are brought forward that have a direct impact on Eagle Mountain-Saginaw and our existing infrastructure, we will be sharing those details and the District’s response to those changes on this page.

City of Fort Worth

4800-4900 old Decatur Road

4800-4900 old Decatur Road ZC-22-157 is an 83-acre tract located at 4800-4900 old Decatur Road, currently zoned “E, F, PD 1184/5” Neighborhood and General Commercial and Planned Development. The proposal

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5851 North Freeway

5851 North Freeway ZC-22-165 is a 17 + acre tract located at 5851 North Freeway and is currently zoned as “G” Intensive Commercial. The proposed zoning would change this tract

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 5251 N. Beach Street

5251 N. Beach Street ZC-22-173 is a .57-acre tract that is located at 5251 N. Beach Street and is zoned as “G” Intensive Commercial. The proposed zoning would change this

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312 Old Highway 1187

312 Old Highway 1187 ZC-22-171 is a 5.37-acre tract located at 312 Old Highway 1187 and it is currently zoned for Neighborhood Commercial. The proposed zoning would be to change

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