Safety is a serious issue in our community. This page will continue to be updated with more stories about these students as well as new testimonials from around the community. Be sure to check back or follow Connect4Safety on social media to be informed of future updates.

We feel even more passionate about this because we have had students lose their lives simply trying to get to or from school. We dedicate the efforts to improve our community to our beloved students who are no longer able to do so themselves.

In Loving Memory

Many EMS students have been involved in various levels of accidents on these roads. The loss of these four beloved students, however, will forever impact their families and friends.

Keithon Ray Ellis

Keithon Ray Ellis

8th Grader
Highland Middle School

Apr. 26, 2007

Keithon was 14 when he was hit by a vehicle while crossing Bailey Boswell Road on his way to school. He later passed away at a local hospital.

Emmanuel Desantiago Alvarez

Emmanuel Desantiago Alvarez

4th Grader
Gililland Elementary School

Sept. 2, 2016

Emmanuel was 10 when he was hit by a vehicle on Highway 156/Blue Mound Road while walking home from a high school football game. He died instantly at the scene.

Elijah Lopez​

Elijah Lopez

9th Grader
 Boswell High School

Sept. 15, 2021

Elijah and his brother, Isaiah, were killed in a car accident on Bailey Boswell Road.

Photo of Isaiah Lopez

Isaiah Lopez

12th Grader
 Boswell High School

Sept. 15, 2021

Isaiah and his brother, Elijah, were killed in a car accident on Bailey Boswell Road.

Student Accidents

Celes Cost

9th Grader
Boswell High School

Dec. 3, 2015

When Celes was a freshman at Boswell High School, she was hit by a car in front of Boswell High School on Bailey Boswell Road, prior to the stoplight being installed at the crosswalk. Her injuries included numerous bone fractures on her left arm, torso and legs. Thankfully, she recovered and went on to graduate from BHS in 2019.

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